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Welcome to the Pharmily

Pharmington Drugs is a locally-owned community pharmacy dedicated to providing outstanding customer service at an affordable price. Our pharmacy is proud to serve the communities of south Overland Park and Stanley area.

Nicholas graduated from the University of Kansas School of Pharmacy in 2011. Since then he was practicing at a local chain pharmacy. Now he is practicing in the same area without the constraints and limitations associated with corporate chain pharmacies.

Meet Our Dedicated Team

Nicholas Romo

Owner-Pharmacist in Charge

Lexington Romo

Service Associate

Jessica Romo

Pharmacy Technician

No Insurance Restrictions

That means no prior authorizations slowing down therapy initiation and no quantity or day supply limits so everyone can get a 90 day supply if they want

Refill Fast

Get most prescriptions filled within 15 minutes, providing prompt and efficient access to your medications.

Personalized Care

Speak to a person when you call—experience personalized assistance for all your healthcare needs.


Locally Owned

Proudly serving Overland Park, we’re a locally-owned pharmacy committed to personalized, community-centric care.

Feedback from Our Patients

Cindy Rosen
Cindy Rosen
This pharmacy is cheaper on most drugs even with prescription insurance. He makes it easy and no long lines or difficulty getting to talk with pharmacist directly.
Kimberly Klein
Kimberly Klein
5 star experience, I have asthma and I transferred my inhaler here, they were so kind and delivered my inhaler fast!!
Charles Drummond
Charles Drummond
❤️❤️❤️❤️. I was going to be charged over 900 dollars for a 90 day supply of prescriptions that I didn't know would even work when I lost my insurance, but I was able to get same Rx and supply for a little over 70 dollars! I carry cards on me at all times! More people need to know of this!
Tiffany Chao
Tiffany Chao
I have nothing but positive experiences to share. Nicholas Romo, the pharmacist, has been super helpful and resourceful when it comes to my prescriptions. It has always been cheaper than GoodRx! He is also pretty good at keeping medications that are on backorder in stock. The pharmacy is well organized and they also have plenty of over-the-counter items to purchase as well.
Kc Travelor
Kc Travelor
Support local. So far a great experience for meds.
Brian Bartell
Brian Bartell
Wow! What a great pharmacy. The five different prescriptions I've gotten from them have been cheaper than my copay. The owner is very knowledgeable and very helpful. I appreciated his time and help when we were talking about a few different prescriptions. Definitely go here and get some quotes on your pharma drugs because you will probably save some money and encounter a really nice guy behind the counter.
Andrew Williamson
Andrew Williamson
I couldn’t deal with the hold times and long lines at CVS any longer. I have good insurance and just assumed (like most people probably do) that I should be using my insurance “benefits” for my prescriptions. I reached out to the Pharmacist Nicholas Romo by phone and shockingly enough he answered the call directly. Second time I called I got his wife Jessica. How refreshing to actually deal with the owners who have a passion for helping people understand their medications and a passion for helping people save money. I did the math.. for the five prescriptions my family takes I saved just under $300 per year by not using my insurance!!! Not to mention the added benefit of supporting a husband and wife small business of which my wife and I are also small businesses owners together. Do yourself a favor.. take a few minutes and give them a call, what’s the worse thing that could happen?? Oh yeah, you could also save $300!!!!
Rachel Whitlock
Rachel Whitlock
Even though I am insured, a medication that I take normally costs $56 at a major pharmacy. When I found out I could get it here for about $8, I couldn't switch my prescription fast enough.
Paulo Oliveira
Paulo Oliveira
Let's everyone in the area support this family-owned local business. Affordable prices on prescriptions, they don't run any of the health insurance plans but, given how health care is broken in this country, the savings will be there for the uninsured or underinsured. Just check.

Prescription Wall

Come check our prescription wall, covered with hundreds of actual prescriptions dating back to the 1940s!


Affordable Medications, Exceptional Savings!

Pharmington Drugs prioritizes your financial well-being, offering substantial savings on medications. Explore affordable healthcare options without compromising quality. Our cost-effective solutions are better than discount card pricing and will save you the headache of searching for the lowest price. Embrace excellence without sacrificing your budget. Join us in prioritizing your well-being with accessible and budget-friendly medication choices. Our commitment is to provide personalized care for your unique needs.